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Na diskusnych forach je o tomto probleme tony – nasiel som celkom rozumne zosumarizovanie moznych dovodov, preco to nefunguje ako ma: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2645359?start=90&tstart=0#18170033

Make sure iTunes is running.
Make sure Home Sharing is enabled: Advanced -> Home Sharing.
Make sure iTunes and your Apple TV are logged in with the same Apple ID.
Make sure the Apple TV and computer are on the same network.
The first three numbers of the IP address should be identical. Only the last one should differ.
Make sure the computer is not blocking incoming connections through a firewall/antivirus.
Easy test: Disable the computer’s firewall completely.
Try whitelisting the iTunes application.
Try allowing TCP 3689 and UDP 5353.
On Windows: Make sure that Bonjour is enabled:
Windows Control Panel > Administration Tools > Services
Right click on “Service Bonjour”
Start the service
Close then re-open iTunes
On the Mac: Make sure multicast DNS is not disabled.
Check in your Terminal:
ps aux | grep mDNSResponder
If it has the option -NoMulticastAdvertisements then it’s disabled and Home Sharing will not work.
Enabling it can be a security risk.
Try turning off QoS in your router.
Try rebooting your router.
Try connecting one of the devices (or both) using an ethernet cable instead of WiFi.
Try a different router or network.