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Update – Changes So Far:

– new Siri voice
– Reduce Motion is know referred to as “Parallax”
– Voice Memos are back: now featuring incorrect sound waves (you’d think Apple engineers might take a physics class or two?)
– New Messages.app animations : no more waddling into the thread
– Tapping on a calendar event in the Today section of Notification Center now actually takes you to that event in your calendar.
– No more status bar funkorama in old apps
– iCloud Keychain is now adoption during setup*
– A brief explanation of iMessage and FaceTime are now provided Turing setup
– iPad beta is now available!*
– Legibility of text on some buttons has increased*
– Better album art display on lock screen*
– More appropriate animation for entering/leaving an app when the icon is not on the particular page where left off
– New animation upon photo deletion
– Social icons (Facebook, Twitter etc) in settings have been updated.*
– The FaceTime app is now black & blue with a much better blurry front camera background (meaning it’s actually usable now)*
– Removed the hideous default wallpaper
– I’m not sure where these asterisks are coming from******
– Improved text shadowing and display on home screen*
– Swipe to go back now works in apps like Photos and Music
– iCloud backup now appears to be working
– Pulling right to left on message bubbles displays time stamps (or a naked lady… apparently?)
– New pinchy photo physics (thanks for grabbing my attention)*
– New (I’m not sure what to call the Cover Flow replacement) pinching animation
– Artist’s name is displayed in place of no album art in Music.app
– When tapping the button at the top right of Now Playing to view the album track list, the name of the artist and album, as well as the art is at the top of the list
– Messages notifications on the lock screen now display the “slide to reply” text underneath
– Swiping to delete songs is now possible in the Cover Flow replacement*
– The user is notified if their pass code is too weak